Monday, 10 August 2015

The NHS Crisis Team Saved My Life

My identical twin brother writes regularly about his depression. He has a new article over on Huffington Post about something that happened to him recently,
'I received a phone call from Colchester's Crisis Team and another lovely lady helped me as I grappled with dark thoughts. When our call finished I managed to sleep with an awareness that I could face another day. I wasn't suddenly 'better' but I was able to cope. I do not believe it sensationalist to write the NHS saved my life that night. They were willing to talk and listen to a sobbing mess, late at night, with only care and compassion.

We have a health service built on providing even the most vulnerable a chance to receive holistic care and attention. On that lonely night in Cyprus the Crisis Team fulfilled that wonderful and simple ethos created many years ago. Amongst all the political soundbites surrounding the NHS; all the hand wringing and blame game; all the difficulties to wade through, I found dedicated and devoted people. I was in another country yet was blessed with support. To all those beautiful staff I am very thankful.'

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