Monday, 19 January 2009

The Christ We Share

Had a great evening at Causeway last night.

First one back after the Christmas break.

We had an evening looking at various images of Jesus from around the world.  We walked around the church looking at them all and then spent time in groups discussing the ones we liked and disliked.

After that we spent time in a large forum discussing openly the images which had stuck out the most.  

The amazing thing about art is that the same picture can provoke in people a variety of reactions.  Some images offended people and some helped them see Jesus in a new way.  Some images were seen in a new light when the background to it was revealed.

As a result of the night we looked at exploring how we might share Christ with our community. Something we didn't do, but may do at the next Causeway, is to explore how our community might see Jesus because of the Church.

It was a great evening and I think challenged us all.

These four above seemed to promote most discussion.  What do you think?

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